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Dinner at Cafe Di Roma Bangkok, december 29, 2000. This will be a day that I will never forget anymore. That night I first stood eye to eye with my Dream Princess Nipa. After some 16 months of on-line fun, we finally made it to be able to hug eachother. First a bit shy, but soon that was all gone. As we know from first minute, these six days were'nt not enough at all, we decide to make the best out of every single minute. We promised it to eachother and kept our word....
The first night out brought us to the Musik Place at Patpong where a live band perfomed the best of Latino songs. I had a difficult time to keep my hands away from my gal... She's way too attractive !
No wonder I felt like a king when she did'nt refused my request to dance.

Phuket DinnerAs Bangkok is'nt really a place for honeymooners, we booked a short break to Phuket. Was it our honeymoon ? The least I can tell is, that I experienced it like that anyway. The REAL edition will follow soon I hope...
Once that we settled in at The luxurous Diamond Cliff Resort, Nipa and myself went out for a delicious dinner at a romantic outside restaurant (See picture). It was clearly marked that we would'nt lose each other as our hands continuously were searching one another. Not only outside on the roads, but just about everywhere else. did'nt we spent great moments at the Banana Disco hon ? I still remember all the details...The guy who was listening in front of the speaker, The waiter who forgot my beer and you were complaining about that, the dancing we enjoyed together, the night we both were tired but we did'nt want to inform each other. The late night pizza, where I almost fell a sleep. Not to mention the arrival at the hotel where I had to wait SOOOOO long before you followed me in bed...Each night you came back from the bathroom too late, I was in dreamland already... Zzzzzzzzzz

Dinner at the Mexican Restaurant - BangkokOur first day in Patong Beach....A perfect day to rent a motorbike and do some sightseeing on the island. Did'nt we had a lot of fun honey ? I still can feel your arms around my waist while you were at the back of the motorbike. So nice to feel your body against my back. We have to do it again next time hon. Will go to the other direction, visiting deserted beaches and some inland habitat.

This website is part of Windows to the World 2000, an Around the World voyage done by myself partly by airplane, partly by different cruiseships, visiting dozens of top ranking beaches, many different cultures and some of the biggest World Cities.

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