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THIS SCRIPT BROUGHT TO YOU BY JAVAFILE.COM - http://www.javafile.com PASTE THIS SCRIPT INTO YOUR BODY TAG Basic Parameters : You can choose the width and the height of J-Ads through the WIDTH and HEIGHT parameters. You must have TWO or more banners (gif or jpeg format) to fill image_0, image_1, ... parameters. Banners must have the same size ! Links matching to banner should be filled through alink_0, alink_1, ... parameters. They are displayed in the Status Bar when active. During transitions links are not active. wait parameter defines the sleep time between transistion. Extra Parameters (for advanced users) : Extra parameters allows the user to choose his own transistions, target frames and refresh rate. You can choose the number of frame per second through the fps parameter (default is 15). You can choose the target frame of the link through frame_0, frame_1, ... parameters. frame_x should be : "name of the frame" : To load the link into the FRAME named in the HTML code. "_blank" : To load the link in a new blank unnamed browser window. "_self" : To load the link into the same window the applet occupies. "_parent" : To load the link into the immediate FRAMESET parent. "_top" : To load the link into the top body of the window. You can force your own transition by filling all the following three parameters : grid : NbLinesxNbCols defined in banners. transition : Transition between features of the grid. You can choose between fade, leftright, updown, rollup and rolldown. direction : direction (propagation) in grid transitions. You can choose between updownleftright, updownrightleft, downupleftright, downuprightleft and empty (no propagation). Here is example : As you can see possibilities are many, who dares try them :). If you don't use these three parameters, the applet will choose them randomly. THIS SCRIPT BROUGHT TO YOU BY JAVAFILE.COM - http://www.javafile.com