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Please read this instructions first...

To enter a map, click on one of the locations listed on your left below the flashing icon. As you can see, i predefined some interesting places, but in fact you'll be able to locate any other city, once you're at the Map screen.
On access, if you have an error image (black with the famous X in the top-left corner) don't panic, it sometimes happen for some technical reason which i could'nt locate so far. In this case simply click once again on one of the search results at your left or if there are'nt any, click ' New Search ', then on the next screen, click ' PlaceFinder ' and type any name of a place or city wich you would like to focus on. It sounds a bit complicated, but you'll find out it is very quick and easy going.
You can search from here to other locations anywhere in the world.
In some cases (depends to the location) 'The best of the web' or 'Facts About' ,may appear in the LOCAL HIGHLIGHT chapter located at your left (not here, on the Map screen !) you'll have full access to a wide variety of highlights about the place such as current forecast, accomodations, city guides, pictures and lots more. The Indonesian maps themself are fully able to navigate by using the zoom buttons. You can also double size the map.
This page will remain behind the map screen, thus you can come back here any time to refer the instructions.

Take your time, as behind 'The best of the web' chapter are lots of nice and usefull things to check out...(reachable depends on the City which you search or click for) Enjoy your exploration !

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