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Thailand has attracted me over a 20 times since i went there my first time in september 1992. Not difficult to find out why. The country has something for every taste. Great history and architecture, Superb cuisine, outstanding beaches, rich fauna and flora, unusual nightlife and of course there's the Thai people...no wonder this is the land of Smiles. What a great country ! If you're into trekking, you might go up to the northern region. A good starting point would be Chiang Mai. Probably the most famous hill tribe to visit are the Long Neck women in Mae Hong Son. Back in Bangkok, I would recommend to visit the Floating Market in the morning, (it's about a 2 hour drive from the city center) combined with a visit to Kachanaburi after this. This near the Burmese border located province is well known for its jungle and of course the River Kwai. South of Thailand is something completely different again. Bring along your fins and snorkel gear ! Further reading about Thailand with some travel tips and focus on possible trips can be found in the Hints and Tips chapter, by clicking the "country tips" tab.

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