No one outside the Philippines had ever heard of this tiny island until a couple of years ago. Now Boracay is a mecca for young overland travelers and strung-out Western executives from Hong Kong and Manila. Opposite the northwest tip of Panay, the island is a place of pristine beauty where beaches are great, the eats cheap and the electricity is on for only a few hours each day.

When I first visited Boracay in 1993, I stayed at a spacious beach bungalow. After sunset, White Beach was lined with small tables and chairs inviting the people to have their dinner for just 100 Peso ( 3 dollars ). All bungalow owners respected the same price and the food was generally the same everywhere. A barbecued pig with salads, other meat and more. Delicious and right on the beach ! I remember I went to a restaurant where the floor exists from white sand. Cheap cheap cheap spaghetti. The island is just 7 km in length and 1 km width. The landing at the island by a banca ( small outrigger boat ) is wet, as there is no pier on the beach. I hope the environment, prices and cleanliness are still the same this time.

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