Bali, Island of the Gods

In so many ways, the crown jewel in the treasure chest of marvels that comprise the Indonesian country. Formed by an east-west volcanic range, drenched by tropical showers and bathed with radiant sunshine, the island is first and foremost a verdant of masterpiece of nature. The people of Bali have done much to turn such natural blessings to their advantage, achieving great agricultural success through a fruitful cooperation with the land, gods and each other, in a culture that is both materially efficient and spiritually satisfying. For this reason, Bali has long been referred to as a "Paradise On Earth". When i arrived at the airport of Denpasar in Bali, on my first time i was overwhelmed by the overall friendly people and easy-going lifestyle. Yes, this island will never cut my connections with it. If God would asks me where i wanna get old, he'll get a answer immediately. It's definitely here... Please read the Hints & Tips chapter to understand why, or take a peek at the fast loading Slide Show for some great snapshots. Thank You.


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Wonderful Tonight
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